13 Unique styles to try on International Sunglasses Day

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An interesting pair of sunglasses is a simple way to elevate any outfit. It’s easy to fall into a pattern of only wearing safe frames, and while aviators or rectangle frames are great, why not mix things up this summer? In honor of International Sunglass Day (June 27) we picked out the freshest, most eye-catching pairs to wear both on and off the course. From tiny rounded sunglasses to full-face shields, these glasses have you covered when it comes to style and sun protection.

Oakley EVZero Stride

The Oakley PRIZM lens is second to none when it comes to golf. The clarity and enhanced contrast that the lens provides will protect your eyes and actually help your game because you’ll be able to read greens and identify grass transitions better. The Crossrange frame is a fan favorite, but the EVZero Stride is on-trend with the popluar shield-look. These glasses are rimless for an entirely unimpeded view and they wrap slightly to protect from light coming in at all angles.
SHOP NOW: $173

L.G.R Lawrence 54mm Sunglasses

If you’re looking for something really new and fun, jump on board with this smart trend. The leather side panels block light from the sides and the lens offers 100 percent UV protection. These Italian glasses aren’t necessarily made for golf, but the lightweight construction offers versatility even on the course. The round shape flatters faces that are longer than they are wide—oval and oblong face shapes—but the detailed brow bar lengthens out the shape of the frame to flatter other shapes, too.
SHOP NOW: $464

Vuarnet ICE Polarized Sunglasses

These mountaineering-inspired frames are modern and athletic. The mineral lens filters light for an ultra-clear view and they’re polarized to block UV rays. The side panels block glare for even more eye protection, but can also be removed if you need your peripherals clear. If you’ve been wanting to try this style of frames out, this is a great starter pair that will look good on almost any face.
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Warby Parker Logan

Small and round sunglasses are popular in the fashion world, but these Warby Parker shades are scratch-resistant so you can wear them almost anywhere. The lenses block 100 percent of UV rays with a gradient shading that lengthens the look. Thin frames with rounded edges like these will soften a sharp jawline on square-shaped faces and narrower pairs are great for oblong faces. The best part about this brand is that you can test them out at home (along with a few other styles) and decide if this fashion risk one you want to take before you buy.
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Earth Wood Petani Sunglasses

These wood frames are rustic, fashion-forward and a sure conversation-starter in the clubhouse. The mirrored lenses block the sun in a cool blue shade that is perfect for summer. These Earth Wood glasses aren’t as sporty as some of the other options on this list, but the steel hinges are durable enough for a stylish few holes or range session.

Nike Helix Elite Mirrored

Nike Eyewear’s most recent collection is high-tech, stylish and designed for golf. They are Paul Casey-approved and he’s been seen wearing them all over the tour. The tint in these shades amplifies the white of the ball against grass and filters light for an assist in reading the greens. These Helix Elite Mirrored glasses are extremely lightweight and are ventilated on the temple arms to prevent fogging and moisture accumulation. The nose bridge is adjustable for extra comfort and the color options will elevate any outfit.
SHOP NOW: $210

Pit Viper Exciters Sunglasses

These cool shades will make you feel like Hunter S. Thompson when you see them on. These Pit Vipers Exciters named “The Rubbers” are the first and only pair of rubberized sunglasses in the company’s line and they’re a hit. The temple piece is adjustable for the perfect fit and the polycarbonate lens is extra durable. It’s an affordable option for trying out this fun style and your eyes will thank you.

Carrera Eyewear Bounds 62mm Gradient Aviator Sunglasses

Adding new colors is an easy way to increase flair and individuality into your sunglasses game. These Carrera aviators have an edgy-yet-rounded shape that will flatter most faces. It’s a fun take on the traditional aviator-style and the bridge connected to the brow bar adds a unique touch to the look. Sunglasses with gradient lenses, like these, are sneaky good for golf because it is darker on the top and lighter on the bottom so you get a lighter view looking down at the ball during your swing.
SHOP NOW: $149

Gucci Retro Web Shield 62mm Sunglasses

Geometric shades are trending in the eyewear world and these Gucci Retro Web Shield Sunglasses are leading the pack. The gold accents give a polished look to these oversized sunnies. The retro design is bold and would look great paired with a bucket hat.
SHOP NOW: $610

Maui Jim Red Sands in Purple Fade

Accessories are a great opportunity to bring in a color not typically featured in your wardrobe. These purple Red Sands Polarized Glasses from Maui Jim have an everyday lens that is made for changing forecasts. The lens is also scratch and shatter resistant for a clean, lasting wear.
SHOP NOW: $229

Dolce and Gabana Sunglasses

If you’re having a hard time deciding between styles, give these two-in-one Dolce and Gabana shades a look. The plastic frame is vintage and will compliment wider faces, while the thin curves on the metal outer frame will also look great on more narrow face-shapes. The inside frame offers 100 percent UV protection, while the outside creates an innovative, modern look.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses

These shield shades originally caught our eye with Ray-Ban released a pair with 24-carat gold-plated lenses. The flashy, extravagant glasses sold out instantly but this gold-colored version is more practical anyway. The metal frames have a barely-there feel and the wrapping pilot-style provides full coverage. These glasses are best for faces that are wider in the cheekbone area, but gold looks good on everyone.
SHOP NOW: $198

Saint Laurent SL 183 Betty 63mm Square Sunglasses

These geometric shades will truly make a statement. The flat top is edgy and will look extra flattering on round faces because the frames are wider than the cheekbones. Frames like these St. Laurent Betty Sunglasses have become a street-style staple, but they’ll add some fun and UV protection to your next round, too.
SHOP NOW: $450

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