It’s so windy at Royal Liverpool that this Cole Hammer shot almost went backward


Golf fans found out the very unfortunate news this week that there will be no live coverage of the Walker Cup, which is set to begin on Saturday at Royal Liverpool in England. All viewers will get is a measly one-hour highlight package each night at 11 p.m. on Golf Channel, which doesn’t seem like nearly enough time to encapsulate everything that will happen in one of the best amateur events in the sport.

As if fans weren’t upset enough, American team member Cole Hammer game them serious FOMO on Friday, posting a wild video of the blustery conditions the players will be facing in Hoylake. In the clip, Hammer can be seen hitting a wedge off a teed up golf ball, and it’s so gusty that he was almost able to catch the ball as it came back to him:

What. A. Tease. It should be noted that Hammer teed that thing up to driver height, and hit a lofted club, meaning it went sky high and made it much easier for the wind to bring it all the way back. But just the sound of the wind is so insane that one can’t help but think of all the carnage viewers will . miss out on in real time. It certainly looks like the Great Britain & Ireland team will have a serious home-field advantage. Unfortunately, you’ll only be able to see how it all plays out after it already happened. Thanks for the preview though, Cole.

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