A quick setup checklist for every type of shot


It takes zero athletic ability to set up to the ball perfectly every time. What it does take is knowing the correct positions and having the discipline to get them right. Let’s start with the driver. Set the clubface square behind the ball, then take your stance so your feet are wider than your shoulders. Play the ball off your front heel, with your weight 50-50. Your head should be behind the ball, and the shaft should be neutral, not leaning forward or back. Now, want a tip for extra power? Flare out your back foot for more turn on the backswing. Learn how to set up for irons and wedges.


Butch Harmon
J.D. Cuban


Iron Shot

Clubface: Square

Stance: Shoulder width

Ball Position: One ball inside the front heel

Weight: 60-40 on the front foot

Posture: Head over the ball

Shaft: Leaning slightly forward

*Bonus Tip For Solid Contact: Set more weight on your front side

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Butch Harmon
J.D. Cuban



Clubface: Square to slightly closed

Stance: Very narrow

Ball Position: Off the back foot

Weight: 90-10 on the front foot

Posture: Head in front of the ball

Shaft: Leaning well forward

*Bonus Tip For Better Feel: Chip with your normal putting grip

Butch Harmon
J.D. Cuban


Bunker Shot

Clubface: Open

Stance: Shoulder width

Ball Position: Off the front instep

Weight: 60-40 on the front foot

Posture: Head behind the ball

Shaft: Leaning slightly back

*Bonus Tip For Solid Contact: Open the face and grip with the thumb of your glove hand on the top of the shaft


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